Be The Music®

Be The Music

With diminishing budgets and scarce resources, many public schools are faced with the difficult choice of cutting back or eliminating music programs, depriving the nation’s youth of the benefits of music in education and learning. It is The Bubs Foundation’s hope that the Be the Music® program will help enrich the lives of both student and teacher — promoting a better understanding of music and supplementing (or in some cases, creating) a music program previously without enough resources.

Our programs introduce contemporary a cappella music to public school systems and offer young people an enriching musical experience. The focus is quite simple: to help young people at an impressionable age. We provide each of the participants (and their families) with an empowering opportunity to expand their musical and personal horizons beyond their current reach. They are guided through a learning exercise that demonstrates the importance of relying upon one’s own voice, and working together as a team to create the sweet harmonies of a cappella music. This has made a tremendous difference for each of us on The Bubs Foundation board; we can think of no greater gift than to spread to others what we have personally experienced.

Be The Music

The young people who participate will be challenged to go “outside their comfort zone.” We believe that this experience will be meaningful to a young person’s development, and because it is something special and uniquely their own, give them the confidence to engage in other programs in their school and community. The aim of the program is to awaken the musical passions in young people, and to provide them with an opportunity to grow and develop through musical participation.

The Bubs Foundation has developed a comprehensive kit which will assist participants in starting and running a program in their respective community. It has been written to address the needs of several Be The Music® constituencies:

After school, some kids to go the streets, sell drugs and beat up kids. Being off the streets is something I like to do, ‘cuz being on the streets is bad. Be The Music helps me get off the streets and show off my talent.
—10th Grade Student

Currently, Be the Music® has programs running in within the Boston Public Schools System, as well as the Tufts Community Music Program.