How can I help?

Bubs Foundation, Inc.

By Giving.

By supporting the efforts of The Bubs Foundation. Donations made to The Bubs Foundation will support our grants to under-funded public school music programs or will be used to fund our own music curricula.

By Speaking.

Tell your public officials that you believe that music education is not expendable. Tell them to fund music the way they fund reading, math and science. After all, studies show that the study of music substantially raises proficiency in these subjects, while also exposing students to culture and the arts. It’s a false choice to say that less money for music is necessary to preserve more "core" subjects. There are other places to save money, like administration. Put music back into the schools.

By Teaching.

If you are a member of a college a cappella group, or a student studying music, ask about our Be The Music® program. You might find yourself teaching kids and making a real difference before you know it.